Biogyn Biospot 150 is a medical device.
Biogyn Biospot 150 is a radio frequency electronic electric scalpel,
ideal for small and medium-sized surgery interventions.
It allows a highly professional surgery and ensures
an absolute reliability of working conditions.
The electrode/patient contact is continuously monitored,
both if the neutral electrode is connected and during use
with a bipartite neutral electrode.
The selection of functions allows you to perform:
pure cutting CUT, coagulated cutting BLEND, surface coagulation
FORCED COAG, in-depth coagulation without carbonisation
SOFT COAG, and, with a special adapter,
bipolar coagulation BIBOLAR.
It can store up to 5 operating modes.
Used operating parameters are stored and they
can be automatically reused at each start up
or change of the operating mode.
Biogyn Biospot 150 can work with push-button
handpieces or with no-button handpieces.
Recommended applications:
Outpatient surgery, vascular surgery, gynecology,
dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, veterinary surgery.
– Max. CUT power: 150 W – 500 Ω
– Max. BLEND power: 100 W – 500 Ω
– Max. ENHANCED power: 100 W – 500 Ω
– Max. FORCED COAG power: 100 w – 150 Ω
– Max. SOFT COAG power: 80 W – 100 Ω
– Max. BIPOLAR COAG power: 60 W – 50 Ω
– Max. Bipolar ABLATION power: 60 W – 100 Ω
EN 60601-1. EN 60602-2. Class and Type: I CF.
Power supply: 230 VAC/ – 50/60 Hz.
– Reusable handpiece with push-buttons F4243
– Connection cable for the neutral plate 00404.08
– Neutral steel plate 5365A
– Single watertight plate 00302.00
– Power supply cable 5 m 00100.01
– 5 loops or electrodes

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