Biogyn ESU-140 MB is a medical device.
Biogyn ESU-140 MB is a radio frequency electrical
surgery equipment, with a control microprocessor,
that can deliver a power of 140 W.
It guarantees a performance that truly meets current
requirements and the highest levels of safety
set out in recent regulations.
With two separate delivery controls for the cutting
and coagulation powers, complete with the relative displays.
It has two control possibilities: foot controls and manual controls
on the electrode holder (handpiece). The electric scalpel
has a self diagnosis system that runs on start up and during use,
allowing a maximum operating safety. If a fault occurs,
the device operation is automatically blocked.
It performs 7000 checks/s, ensuring better results
with an as little as possible power.
The system also controls leakage currents,
testing for impedance maladjustments.
All foot pedal controls are of the “High Safety Type”,
since they are pneumatic, immersion-proof and explosion-proof.
Recommended applications:
Outpatient surgery, gynecology, dermatology.
– Max. CUT power: 140 W – 500 Ω
– Max. BLEND power: 120 W – 500 Ω
– Max. COAG power: 120 W – 500 Ω
– Max. MICRO COAG power: 60 W – 200 Ω
– Max. BIPOLAR power: 100 W – 100 Ω
IEC EN 60601-2-2. Class and type: I-CF.
Power supply: 230 VAC/50 Hz.
Supplied accessories:
– Dual pneumatic foot pedal D-STOP/P
– Neutral steel plate with cable EIP/9
– Reusable electrode holder/handpiece MPE/S
– Connecting cable for bipolar instruments CPB/E
– 5 loops or electrodes

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